The Deducer - Show your Sherlock skills!

High Scores of All time

What is ?

Deducer is the first deduction game for who wants to show deduction skills and be like Sherlock Holmes.

Also, you can create your own case and see what people think about you.

The more points you get, your rank increases. Maybe someday you can be "Sherlock"?

How Does Deducer Work?

Create a Case

Content is up to you, it could be photos of your desk, your outfit, your social media account etc.

Just upload it with intelligible title and wait for comments.

Once comments are made, evaluate it properly and give your points according to how accurate is deduction.

Make Deduction

Browse through cases from Home Page or Profile pages

Choose one of them and inspect very carefully because you have only one comment chance for each case.

You can't see other comments before write any comment

Once you make your comment wait for scoring

Better deduction will have better points, maybe you can be promoted to next badge!

Sign Up


More than 221 points

Between 150 and 221 points

Between 100 and 150 points

Between 50 and 100 points

Between 25 and 50 points

Between 0 and 25 points


1-Don't upload fake cases.

2-Cases should be applicable.

3-Scoring should be reasonable.

Very soon!

What's Next on Deducer?

  • Mobile App (With brand new features!)
  • Top Cases
  • Guide to Deduction
  • Page for your deduction notes
  • Short Video Uploading
  • AR Game