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There's Been an Accident Pt. 2

FROM THE NOTEBOOK OF DET. HENRY WATT Thurs. 27 June Wm. McCarthy - Yard Supvsr YOUR EMPLOYEES REPORT A STRANGE SMELL IN THE FACILITY ON MONDAY, YET MR. DAVIES' BODY IS NOT DISCOVERED UNTIL THIS MORNING. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? "Look, it's a big place. Bird's and critters and shit come in and out year round. They nest in the winter, some might die come spring. This time of year it's not unusual for odors to start wafting through, let alone the portopotty's we have on sight and they get cleaned every other week. You ever smell a honey truck in the summer? Might as well be a dead, anything." AND IT'S NORMAL FOR THESE DEAD CRITTERS TO SMELL LIKE A HUMAN CORPSE? "Not necessarily. I'm not saying it was pleasant, but we're a busy company. This time of year contractors can't get enough supply and we need all hands on deck to keep up with demand. If it's not keeping our guys from getting the job done, it's not a priority." WHO DISCOVERED THE BODY? "Jack." WHO IS JACK? "One of the old-timers. Been here longer than I have. He retired a while back but stays on part time to keep busy. WHAT DOES JACK DO FOR THE COMPANY? "Just about everything. He knows the yard inside and out and since he's only here in a minimum capacity he picks up wherever there's slack." BASED ON THE ABUNDANCE OF CIGARETTE BUTTS FOUND NEAR THE BODY IT'S CLEAR THIS IS A WELL-USED LOCATION, AND YET STILL NO ONE NOTICED ANYTHING ODD? "It's used, sure, but that's Jack's spot. No one else goes there." ELABORATE. "Jack's a great worker, but he doesn't get along with most of the other guys and vice versa. When it's break time, everyone meet's out front and Jack goes.. well, there. Always has. Everyone knows it's his spot and as far as I can tell they don't think to go there." SO FOR 3 DAYS JACK SMOKES CIGARETTES NEXT TO A DEAD BODY AND SAYS NOTHING UNTIL THIS MORNING? "He only just got back this morning. Wasn't in all week. Honestly, he comes and goes as he pleases. When he's here he's productive and we've otherwise got a full crew so it's not bother as far as I'm concerned." MR. DAVIES WAS LET GO BY THE COMPANY EARLY LAST WEEK. WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THAT? "He'd been off for weeks. Moody, distracted, his work performance was lacking more and more. The accident was the last straw. I fired him myself on the spot, but even then it was like he wasn't, I don't know, all there." ALL THERE? "You fire a guy, he reacts. Sad, angry, something, anything. But Jameson was, like vacant. He didn't say anything, he just stared into space and then, walked off." WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE ACCIDENT? "Pinned another employee between a wall and his scissor lift. Thankfully it was only a minor injury, but considering everything else he had to go. It's one thing to be bad at your job, but now he was a liability." THE INJURED EMPLOYEE, DID HE AND MR. DAVIES HAVE HISTORY OF ANY NEGATIVITY PRIOR TO THE ACCIDENT? "She. Darcy Harrison. They had had words in the past, but nothing significant. Petty shit. I don't think the accident was deliberate, if that's what you're asking." DO YOU HAVE ANY REASON TO THINK MS. HARRISON WOULD RETALIATE? "No. Like I said, it was a minor injury. She got her worker's comp and we expect her back within the week." WAS THERE ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT MR. DAVIES' BEHAVIOR THAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER UNUSUAL? "Just that he was working a lot of overtime." WHAT IS UNUSUAL ABOUT AN EMPLOYEE WANTING TO WORK EXTRA HOURS? "Well, he never had before. Never seemed to like the place very much and never worked over 40 hours. Then all of a sudden he's putting in an extra 10-12 a week." WHEN DID THIS START? "About the same time he started acting funny."


There’s Been An Accident
Pt. 1

PALL MALL GAZETTE 6/28 FRI A body has been discovered in the Port Farris Lumber Yard early Thursday morning. According to reports, company employees had been complaining for days of strong odors on the north side of the facility for several days before discovery was made. An early statement made by medical examiners indicate asphyxiation as cause of death and note ligature marks around the victims neck. As of today’s report the unidentified male has been confirmed as former employee Jameson Davies who was relieved of duties following an accident in the main warehouse, of which it was determined Davies was at fault.


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